DIY Gift Series: Part 7- Bead Strand Necklaces

This holiday season Jesse James Beads and Designer Sara Ellis are bringing you a weekly DIY project as part of our DIY Gift-Giving Series. These projects are meant to be fun, easy, and inspiring! So whether you follow the project exactly or complete make it your own, JJB hopes to make your holiday full of heart!

Fun DIY gifts are just what everyone needs during unknowns of 2020. With limited shopping available and tight budgets we are all looking for easy presents this holiday season. Although just because we are all watching our spending doesn't mean we can't look glamourous. These simple necklaces are made just by taking a single Jesse James Bead Strand, adding a few jump rings and some stunning Chain Reaction. Grab your favorite JJB Strands and make some cost-conscious heartfelt gifts, or keep them all for yourself! 

These necklaces work with any Bead Strand, but with a little more work, can be made with any bead mix too! Use your favorite strands or mix, or add a fun charm or pendant to personalize this DIY design. 

For a more budget friendly version, use our Designed By Me Bead Strands. Make this project into a fun group day and create beautiful necklaces to swap and gift!

Thank you so much for joining us for another DIY Gift-Giving project. Stay tuned for more beading education. We release new tutorials every week!

All Heart,

Your Friends At Jesse James Bead


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