How-to Jewelry: German Style Wire Designs

Don't miss these designs! Get inspired this weekend with three Sara Ellis projects & learn how to make your own DIY wire earrings from scratch. These designs all use high-quality German Style wire from feature Shop Small with Jesse James Beads business, Beadalon. Also used in these designs are beads from our Market Fresh Mini Mix Collection and Bead Strand in Lakeside Living. Swap out the mini mix and bead strand to make the jewelry pieces with your favorite colors! Watch Sara Ellis make these gorgeous designs in the videos below.

What a delicious pop of color! This princess style necklace featuring our Mini Mix in Blue Raspberry Ice Pop and golden German Style wire can add a fun edition to any wardrobe. 

Bring some Spring into your life during this cold Autumn season with these easy leaf earrings. Warm greens and clear blues from our Lakeside Living Bead Strand give these wire-wrapped earrings an inviting vibe. Using silver colored German Style wire learn how to make these earrings, plus your own ear wires!

Dream of golden skies and silver clouds! These rich earrings feature gold German Style wire and beads from our Market Fresh Mini Mix in Mascarpone. Grab your favorite beads and learn how to make these dreamy earrings in the video below. 

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Thank you so much for joining us for another fabulous jewelry making video tutorial. Stay tuned for more beading education. We release new tutorials every week!


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