Design Hacks: Create Jewelry Magic with Halstead and JJB

Create magic with Halstead and Jesse James Beads. Check out these 5 easy projects that you can create in under 20 minutes featuring the beautiful and elegant Halstead blanks paired with colorful Jesse James Beads.

This Rose Fairy Necklace features a slim Halstead chocker decorated with beautiful acrylic floral beads featuring in our Shorty Strands. Learn how to make this choker step by step with this helpful tutorial.

These earrings are hot, hot, hot! Featuring the spicy Chili Oil beads, this simple earrings are stylish and elegant. With a few easy wire-wrapping tricks to help create the beautiful wrapping, this project is great for any beginner beader. See the tutorial  here.

The JJB Wondercuff is a classic Halstead and JJB combo. Like peanut butter and jelly, this bracelet just works together. Create this cuff with your favorite Design Elements bead mix and the simple wire-wrapping technique in this Wondercuff tutorial.

These sunny yellow beads are sure perfect to add bright and happy tone to your next project. Create your own beautiful cuff with this tutorial.

These bright night out earrings are simple and fun to make. Featuring our stainless steel endless hoops and some beads from our design elements bead mix, you can create beautiful statement earrings. See this tutorial for details.



Thanks for beading along with us! Share your design on FacebookInstagram, and in our inbox. Keep your eyes peeled for more tutorials from Nealay Patel & JJB.

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