No Hassle Tassel Projects

Tassels are a fun and easy way to add a little personality to any project. From cotton to leather, each colorful tassel will sure to give your project an extra spark of color. Here are some of our favorite tassel projects from the Jesse James Beads Blog:

This beautiful American Rebel necklace features a deep red rhinestone cap three-tier tassel as the main focal piece. 

Deep browns and gold come together in this Earth Day in Paris Lariat Necklace. This necklace features a long leather tassel paired with a petaled floral tassel as the focal piece.

This bird set free necklace features a silver bird set free pendant paired with a bright teal three-tier tassel.

These deep Red Hot Chili Oil Earrings feature mini floral tassels dangling from the base.

Whoo could resist this Owl You Need Is Love necklace featuring a leather tassel accented with boho beads and a little owl ceramic bead.

Rigid stone and soft tassels come together in these Arctic Stone Earrings

These Egyptian Scarab Earrings feature dark blue cotton tassels dangling at the bottom.

Mini floral tassels pair with tensha beads in these Japanese Tensha Daisy Earrings

These dark Unicorn At Dusk Earrings feature large beaded connectors accented with light blue floral tassels.


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