How-To Video: The JJB Wondercuff

Dreaming of technicolor texture? This simple project will propel your jewelry collection right into spring! Make your own cuff with ease thanks to textured and sparkly Jesse James Beads and a Halstead cuff blank. You can complete this wire wrapping project in under 15 minutes and with very little planning: it's perfect for when your head's in the clouds!




Featured Elements


A JJB bead mix - the Mini Mixes are perfect!! Explore the Bead Mix Collection)


Halstead Brass Bracelet Cuff Blank

This brass bracelet cuff is finished with a bright gold-like color and measures 12.6 mm x 66.1 mm x 1.6 mm. Customize your cuff with beads and tassels, or stamp your own custom patters and words into the metal.


Additional Materials

26G Wire

Flat nose pliers


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