What's In Your Stocking Mystery Bead Mix

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Style: Mix 1

Have you been naughty or nice? Leave your fate up to the beads or get both mixes in this special limited edition bead set.

Naughty Mix: Perhaps you've been a little naughty this year? Whatever. You're ready to rock with a bead blend that's tip-toed just a bit towards the dark side. This mix features a mystery assortment of Dakota Stone with a touch of glam, because hey, even baddies need a little sparkle. 

Nice Mix: Been an angel all year? Here's a treat for those who have been rosy little darlings all year through. This sparkling bead mix features sweet and playful beads, plus loads of sparkle to dazzle. 

Mixes are both Design Elements Sized Mixes. Photos of images are examples of the style of beads that could appear in each mix.