Mountain of Beads

A new holiday, Mountain Day began in Japan as a public holiday in just 2016. Mountain Day was created as a day to celebrate nature, hiking and connection of person to terrain.

We love nature at Jesse James Beads, many of us find great inspiration in the trees and landscapes around us. We also love beads, big heap and mountains of them. To celebrate Mountain Day we have re-released the JJB Mountain of Bulk Beads - 10 fierce lbs of JJB beads offered for a super-bulk discount. 

We create our bulk bead assortments by gathering the short-quantity bead stock that is returned from the packaging process of our JJB exclusive bead mixes and strands. When a stock for Jesse James strands and bead mixes is created, beads that were extras are returned to our facilities, then sorted by colors to be used in our Beads by the LB and 40 Piece Bulk Specials. The JJB Mountain of Beads is the biggest and baddest special to date. Our Bead Mountain is available for 30% off the regular Bulk Beads by the LB price (which is already a huge deal itself!). Large and in charge for the bossiest beaders of the bunch

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Happy Mountain Day 2017! 


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