What is a Tensha Bead?

So what exactly is a Tensha bead? These rare handcrafted beauties are each individually made and are imported all the way from Japan. Each bead features an intricate decorative pattern of flowers, swirling feathers or other organic nature.

The patterns are so precise, and detailing 100% perfect. Just look at the magnificent Secret Garden Tensha Bead Set below

The designs seen on each Tensha bead are actually housed within the bead - this makes the bead extremely durable and resistant to the scratches of wear and tear. The word Tensha means to transfer. Each delicate designs is carefully placed on top of a durable acrylic round, then fully lacquered with another layer of crystal clear acrylic to protect the beautiful art from abrasion. 

Tensha beads are believed to have originally been created as a substitute for more traditional porcelain beads. Porcelain beads were harder to work with, took longer to paint, and were far more fragile. Tensha beads are made of a special acrylic that makes them lightweight. They are also provide an easier canvas so the artist can transfer even more detailed imagery without fear of loosing elements of the design in the process.

Look at 14mm Indigo Gold below, this special bead is decorated with an ombre blue rose and gold leaf detailing.

Each Japanese Tensha bead from the new Urban Garden Collection at Jesse James was artfully chosen by our staff for you. These beads are a world full of wonder and will set your design inspiration aflame. 

Made with the 14mm Peacock Twirl on White and Beadalon Quick Links


Explore the new Urban Garden Collection, supplies are limited on these rare baubles. And let us know what is inspiring you in the comments below. We love to hear from you.

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