JJB Brand Ambassador Guidelines

Hello, and welcome to the Jesse James Beads Brand Ambassador program! We are so excited to have you joining our creative team and can not wait to get started with you. The program itself is quite simple: 

  • All approved ambassadors must post featuring/talking about, and tagging Jesse James Beads at least four times per month on their social media page(s).
  • One post must be a video - it could be a tutorial or a tip and this video can be in the format of a YouTube video, Facebook Live, Instagram video, or TikTok.
  • All posts must be tagged with #JJBAmbassador and ambassadors must follow rules regarding disclosure of this program/brand partnership.
  • Ambassadors will be asked to complete a brief form once a quarter with direct links to their video and posts to confirm participation in the program.
  • Fun and Professional attitude! We want to share inspiration with everyone in a respectful and creative manner!

That being said, we often get questions and want to make things as clear as possible so below you will find in detail the exact rules, expectations, and procedures for Jesse James Beads Brand Ambassadors. 

 Ambassador Posting: 

1 post utilizing something from your ambassador box each month: 

      • A finished project or project in progress image or video utilizing one or more items from your box in some way.  
1 video post per month: 
      • Video must be with current in stock JJB product, but does not have to be your ambassador box contents. 
      • On YouTube, Reels or TikTok, or as a Facebook or Instagram video post 
      • Proper format for channel  (9:16 for TT/Reel, any size for FB/IG grid/page post, 16:9 for YouTube, etc) - videos must be taken in the ratio/format intended by the platform.  
      • Something of value within the video to fellow crafters can be in form of: 
        • A tip or trick with a specific jewelry item or project 
        • A design tip or idea 
        • Unboxing and/or review/explaining the contents of a mix, kit, or your ambassador box 
        • How-to either single technique or full project tutorial 
The minimum posting total is four posts (including two mentioned above) each month specifically featuring current JJB/DIU product
      • The remaining two posts do not have to be completed project posts - they could be images of your ambassador kit, the current MMBB box, or other current/new JJB product. There are lots of options and ways that you can complete the four posts - contact us with any questions. 
      • Jesse James Beads and/or Dress It Up buttons must be the sole companies featured/tagged and mentioned in posts for them to count. 
      • 3 of your 4 posts can be with any currently sold and in stock product and do not need to be associated with your ambassador box of the month if you have other purchased products you wish to feature.  
    • For posts to count, they must be on your public social media craft/jewelry account/page that you actively use.  
    • Posting window: Your posts during a given month, will count for that month’s total. For example January 1 if you post a video tutorial that will count towards January’s posts.  
  • On any post, on any platform you must always disclose that you are a Jesse James Beads Ambassador in some format. If using a # - the JJBAmbassador hashtag must be the first one used. 
  • On YouTube, simply say that you are a brand ambassador, and name Jesse James Beads (Name in full!) or Dress It Up Buttons. 
  • On Facebook, name (@ when possible) and use # as appropriate 
  • On IG/TT tag JJB, and # the brand as well as #JJBAmbassador
      • Use full brand names when posting, do not use “JJB/DIU” when posting as those not familiar with our brands will not know what you mean. 
      • Turn in your four posts for the month by the 30th via google doc
      • Properly disclose affiliate links with each use- this is a federal regulation. 

      We do of course welcome you to go above and beyond your minimums, as well as tagging/mentioning us in posts that aren’t ‘official ambassador posts’! We love your enthusiasm, your creativity, and want to see all that you make! As a brand ambassador, you represent our companies and when people see you post, what you do reflects the brands as well as yourself. Below you will find some general guidelines and etiquette to follow. 

      Ambassador code of conduct: 

        • Positively represent brand(s), and bring any issues to the company privately via email if any issue should arise from product issues to customer service problems. 
        • Be open and honest about your affiliation when talking in groups, recommending DIU/JJB. We do not want you to pretend you are ‘just a customer’ ever.  
        • If doing an unboxing, please do not share private/just for you ambassadors notes such as our monthly news or your check list of what you must do in your video that may be included in your box. Showing the list of what is included in your box is fine if you would like.
        • Always be courteous and positive when speaking to fellow creatives, including any JJB/DIU customers. 
        • Please be sure in any post or video that you have proper product names and information, so as to properly direct and assist those watching/reading.  
        • Notify us right away should any changes occur that would have you missing your minimums or unable to participate for a while (such as moving, medical issues, etc) so that we can pause your participation. 
        • We encourage you to like, share, and comment on our brand posts, videos, and events when you like them and are inspired by them. 

      Facebook Groups : 

        • Our ambassador group is a place to learn, share knowledge, and help each other grow our businesses and accounts! Each week there is an ‘open share’ thread- please use it to promote any of your videos, projects, or happenings that you’d like to share. That helps us keep the group tidy and organized, and the resources and news easy to see and find. Note that we will use things posted to that thread in features in our public groups! 
        • You are encouraged to ask questions, seek advice, and generally talk about the business of growing your social media accounts in the group as well as specific brand questions that apply to fellow ambassadors. 
        • Ambassadors are encouraged to support and comment on community posts in JJB public facebook groups, as well as each other’s posts on social media in general. 
        • JJB Facebook groups: We ask that you refrain from posting your marvelous projects to the JJB owned groups. With so many of you, it can make the group an intimidating place for our customers and we want to be encouraging them, getting them to share! 
        • There will be a weekly ambassador spotlight both in our groups and on public pages that you are welcome to submit for. These official posts by JJB will highlight tutorials, techniques, and clever design by ambassadors!  Credit will be given, and your page linked when possible. 
        • You are of course welcome to share your projects with other groups - we just ask that you use courtesy and proper etiquette if it is owned by another brand, that you are sharing something allowed by their group rules. 

      We know that sometimes life happens, and jewelry can’t be made! That being said, we’ve come up with a set of guidelines for how we are handling late or missing work. The short version? So long as you keep us posted and let us know what is going on, we will work with you! 

      • If you know you will need to miss a month in future, or if something happens during a month and you will not be able to complete things on time (or within grace period) please notify us via email ASAP. 
      • We do one check of links and mailing per month. If you miss the deadline and do not turn in by the 30th, you will miss the next box. Note that if you miss the deadline but turn in by the 10th of the next month, you will still be in good standing and will receive the next box sent. For example, if in November you do not turn in by 11/30 end of day, you would not receive the December box. But if you turn in your 4 links by December 10th, you will be considered in good standing and receive the January box. 
      • If you miss a deadline and the grace period for the next box without explanation, you will be removed from the ambassador program. 
      • Ambassadors in good standing who notify us they need a break or have an issue arise will always be welcomed back into the program! 


      Frequently Asked Questions: 

      Q: Do I always have to use #JJBAmbassador when I post? 

      A: Yes and no. If posting to your social media account and you are featuring/naming Jesse James beads you do need to in some form acknowledge that you are an ambassador. A hashtag is usually the fastest way to do so.


      Q: Can I feature other brands in my ambassador (official) posts? 

      A: No, other brands can not be tagged, talked about, or featured prominently. This means that of course it is ok if you are using a clasp, wire, or some other jewelry basic in your project purchased elsewhere so long as it is not a major feature or the company/site you purchased it from being advertised. What is not ok, would be featuring a large focal piece or other brands of beads. Note that this only applies to your four official monthly posts required to be an ambassador - in other posts you’re of course welcome to mix, match, and create! 


      Q: How can I be helpful to Jesse James Beads? 

      A: You are each valuable and helpful in your own unique ways! Sharing your ideas of course is very helpful, if you are looking to do more we love when we see you commenting on our posts, sharing them, and sharing excitement about the products. This helps our brand engagement on social media, but it also lets us know what you are most excited about! 


      Q: How do I get my work featured on the JJB/DIU pages? 

      A: We are always looking for quality photography that highlights projects featuring our products. Often we are seeking a specific product, color, or theme for a certain post as well. Making sure that you are tagging us (on Instagram) or adding your projects to the weekly thread or any “do you have any projects featuring ---” inquiries on the Facebook Ambassador group are the two best ways to be seen. Please contact May if you ever have any questions about this. 


      Q: How can I do more with you? What if I have an idea?  

      A: We are always looking for new ideas, and more ways to collaborate! Please contact May (our content coordinator) with your specific inquiry. If you are looking to make a rising star video, then please follow those instructions as found on our private Facebook Group. 

      Q: Can my friend be an ambassador too? 

      A: Possibly! You’re welcome to invite any of your creative friends to apply for the program if they are eligible. We love your enthusiasm! 

      Q: I saw something about extra store credit for YouTube or TikTok? 

      A: Creators with over 1,000 followers can qualify for extra store credit, yes! Please contact us hello@jessejamesbeads.com to inquire about the rules for this program.


      In addition to the expectations outlined in this document, we encourage you to be an active part in your craft communities online, bring us any suggestions or ideas, and of course have fun with your creating! We are happy to help you in any way that we can and are adding new ideas, tips, and help in our Facebook group just for you every week.

      If you have further questions or need to speak to someone about content creation, the program, or general questions you are always welcome to contact craftwithmay@gmail.com to connect with our content coordinator May Flaum. Have Jesse James Beads or Dress It Up button questions or need to contact customer service? hello@jessejamesbeads.com  will get you to our team. 


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