About Us

Jesse James Beads is a family business based out of Bethlehem, PA with a passion for art, jewelry design and style.

Mission Statement

Inspiration. You know, that feeling you get when you are so excited about something it takes over your world and your day - and in the best way possible. Like, you are so exuberantly passionate about this one thing that it ends up enhancing all the other things in your life too, because you are purely happy. That is inspiration to us. It is a light, a fire from some place deep within. Our mission at Jesse James Beads is to spark that fire. To be the little ember that ignites your own personal creative flame. And when we have succeeded in this, our own inspiration is once again set ablaze. The creative circle continues, and our mission rolls on

Our Story

Our products are designed by artists, for artists. We create colorful bead blends with themes inspired by inspiring places, historical icons, emotions, and celebrations. Our bead mixes give the jewelry creator a little bit of everything to work with - beads, bead caps, tassels, charms and more. The beads in each mix and strand compliment each other in size, shape and color, taking the guess work out of bead shopping. Our bead products stand as a launchpad for creativity; you provide the passion, we supply the beads to spark your next greatest design.

Jesse James Beads is a family of creatives, each of us has a passion for beauty and the fire to make something magical. We pass this torch onto each person that works with our beads, and in return we are inspired daily by the creations made by our customers. This exchange of energy is the most beautiful rhythm we know. It is an absolute joy to create products for you. Thank you for being part of our journey

All Heart,
Sarah James and the Team at Jesse James Beads