How Can We Help?


How Can i Get involved With The JJB Community?

Jesse James Beads has an amazing community of beaders, shop-owners and crafters on Facebook, Pinterest,Twitter, Instagram and Google+. Visit these sites and follow Jesse James Beads to join in on the fun!

I Have A Question, Who Can i Contact?

Questions, concerns and suggestions can be directed to

I' d Like To Share My Designs With The JJB Community, How Can I Do That?

We thought you’d never ask! Send your designs and your contact/website information with us are We will post them on our Facebook and in our Design Gallery on our site. Thanks for sharing!

Where Can I Find Coupons?

Coupons or discounts will be posted on our social media accounts and via our newsletters. Follow us on Facebook and Twitter for the insider scoop, and to make sure you don’t miss a beat, be sure to sign up for our newsletter.

What Is Your Return Policy?

You can view our return policy here.


When Will My Order Ship?

Your order will ship 2-5 business days after it is placed. Orders placed after 4:30pm will be received by us the following business day.

Where is My Order Shipping From?

Your order is shipping from Pompano Beach, Florida. Beads packed up with sunshine and extra love too!

I Placed 2 Orders In The Same Day, Can You Combine Them into 1 shipment?

Sure! Please just make a note in the notes section at checkout and we will make be sure to combine your orders into one shipment.

I Forgot To Add Something To My Order. Can You Add It And Charge My Card?

We are unable to initiate or increase any charges to your credit card, as we do not have access to your credit card information. This is a procedure that is in place to protect your personal information. If you would like additional product, you will need to place an additional order.

How Can I Purchase Wholesale?

This website offers wholesale prices for order volumes that reach our minimum. The wholesale minimum is $400 retail to receive the maximum discount of 50% off. If you cannot reach this minimum you are still eligible for other quantity discounts. Please see our Quantity Discounts Info Page for more info.

Can I Place An Order Over The Phone?

Unfortunately we cannot accept orders over the phone. Our online ordering system is hosted on a secure server, and you can feel confident that your information is protected by the most current security protocols available.


Why Is One Single Bead Priced Differently From Another Of The Same Style?

Depending on color sometimes one bead costs more than another. We research pricing before we purchase, but still sometimes one color will cost a little more than others.

I Need More Of A Certain Item Than The Quantity Available, What Should I Do?

At Jesse James Beads all mixes and strands are created in limited-edition quantities. If you need more than what is shown available please contact and we will do our best to accommodate your needs.

What Is The Best Wire For Stringing?

The very best is Beadalon 49-Strand, but if that is out of budget Beadalon 19-Strand works great too.

What Are Your Beads Made Out Of?

Our beads are made out of many different things, check the materials list on the single beads pages for an official answer per bead. To sum it up here, our beads are made from polymer clay, metal, rhinestones, wood, acrylic, metal, glass, synthetic leather, semi-precious stones, rubber and crystal.

Where Do Your Products Come From?

All JJB Strands and mixes are artist-designed and hand-produced in Bethlehem, PA right here in the US of A. The individual beads that make up our products are imported directly from China. Our Co-Owner, Karen James, travels abroad 8+ times per year to design most every bead you see in our designs.

You Are Out Of A Product, When Will You Be Restocking?

Occasionally we may be out of a certain product as we wait to receive additional inventory from our production warehouse in Bethlehem, PA. These timeframes can vary between a couple of days and several weeks, depending upon the cause of the delay. However we will restock the product and update our inventory as soon as the product is received. Check back often if there is a product that you want and we are out of stock, we are just as eager to make it available for purchase again too

Will I Be Receiving The Same Beads In The Pictures On Your Site?

Yes, you will receive the same product that is in the pictures for the majority of our products. The only exceptions are items on our Specials page – the strand assortments, pack assortments and bulk mixes, for example, all of which are random assortments. Any items that are not the same as what is in shown in the picture will be identified as such on their product page.


I’m An International Customer And My Order Shipped Over 2 Weeks Ago. Where Is It?

International shipping times can vary, depending upon how long it takes for shipments to clear customs and the country to which the product is being shipped. Some international shipments can take 3-4 weeks. At the moment we are shipping solely via the US Postal Service. Soon we will offer UPS shipping options which will speed international shipments.

I Am An International Customer, Why Do I Need To Pay Customs And Duty Fees If I’ve Already Paid For Shipping?

Customs and duty fees are separate from shipping charges. The shipping fees pay for the transportation from our warehouse to your location. The customs and duty fees are charged by your country’s government for purchasing product from outside of the country, and also as a means for your country to generate additional revenue from the product. We cannot know the amount that your country will charge for the shipment, but it will be a percentage of the total dollar amount purchased. These fees are the responsibility of the international customer

How Do You Declare Beads On Customs Documentation?

We declare our beads as merchandise.