Sparkling Single Bead Sale

Sparkling Single Bead Sale at Jesse James Beads   This week only, a sparkling bead sale is LIVE at the Jesse James Beads online shop. Take the JJB sparkle out for a spin, all single beads are 10% off from now through Friday, January 29. The Single Bead Collection is something Jesse James Beads is famous for. Where other bead vendors sell beads by the strand, Jesse James Beads offers beads piece-by-piece and at an epically fair value too. We search the world for the most unique beads and findings, then sell them to you individually online and in person at bead shows. Right now you can catch all of these unique finds on sale - Shop the Jesse James Beads Sale         Cage Crystal Beads sparkle and shine - This is THE beading trend of the moment Available now are some brand new single beads that are some of our most eye-catching yet. The Silver Cage Crystals are our favorite new gems. Ar first these sparkling single beads were available in just gold and gunmetal (both incredible, do check them out). Now we offer the Cage Crystal Bead in the most popular metal finish, silver. Three sizes and three color finishes to delight your senses; the Cage Crystal Bead by Jesse James is an all over win     Looking for something in particular? Leave a comment in the box below, we want to deliver! Next week we embark to Tucson where we will sell the sparkle, and shop for it too. Come at us with your most intricate of finds, we'll do our best to locate it or something else equally as stimulating to your creative appetite Thanks for popping by to see us - Cheers to a fabulous night! :) Sarah James Cage Crystal Beads from Jesse James Beads

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