Geometric Earrings & Pendant Set

It’s amazing what all fashions one can make with those lovely Jesse James Geo Cage beads, and this is just one example. Hi, my name is Nealay Patel. This project, taken from my latest book Jewelry Designs made with Wire & Fiber, pairs Geo Cage beads with fiber cord, incase you are wanting some boho fashion in your life! Enjoy the pattern and happy beading!

  1. Cut a 1.5-in. (3.8cm) length of fiber cord and attach a Kumihimo end cap and earring hook to one end.

  1. Push the other end of the fiber cord through the smaller hole of the cage bead. The fiber cord should feed straight through the cage bead.

  1. If the cord is being resistant, use a beading awl to push the fiber cord through.

  1. Attach the second Kumihimo end cap to the fiber cord and attach the drop bead dangle to finish the earring. Make a second earring to complete the set.

  1. Use the steps above to make a pendant. String the pendant to some jewelry chain, leather or SilverSilk to complete the necklace.

Kits are available here on Jesse James Beads for purchase! This set comes in silver with black and white cord, or gold with blue cord as seen above.

Thanks so much for reading thru my tutorial! I hope you learned a new use for Geo Cage beads and tune in next month to see my next project!

Happy Beading!


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