JJB Prime Event 2023!

What is Prime? JJB Prime Week is inspired by Amazon Prime Days, every few hours there will be a new doorbuster deal. Keep an eye out for bold discounts on all your favorite JJB Products!

How To Participate:

  1. Sign Up For Email: If you have not yet already signed up to get emails from JJB. We will be emailing about flash sales throughout the day.
  2. Sign up for Text: get instant Prime updates by opting in to JJB VIP Texting. Text PRIME23 to +1 (747) 322-4489 to opt in.
  3. Check the JJB Site! We will be posting the current sales on the JJB Site, be sure to check often throughout the day to take advantage of all our amazing deals.
  4. Follow us on Facebook! Sarah will be live to announce the sales on the JJB Facebook Page.

What To Expect:

  1. Doorbuster deals every few hours
  2. Free US Shipping on orders $79+
  3. Free Worldwide Shipping on orders $129+


Q: Can I combine my orders to hit the minimum for free shipping?

A: Unfortunately we cannot combine Prime orders, do to the large volume of orders we want to be able to provide our fulfillment team a smooth process to ensure everyone gets their beads shipped to them in a timely matter. Thank you for understanding.

Q: Can I combine Prime discounts and coupons?

A: We cannot combine any of the prime discounts. Discounts can only be redeemed 1 per order.

Q: What items will be on sale?

A: The mystery is half the fun! Check back often to see what items are currently on sale. Most sales last about 4-5 hours each. All sale times will be in EST.

Q: When will my Prime orders ship?

A: We try to keep our 3 business day fulfillment time, however because of the high volume of orders we experience during Prime it could take closer to 5 business days for orders to ship from our facility.


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