What IS a Jesse James Beads Mix?

Do you find yourself falling in love with our intoxicating blends of color and texture, yet still wondering what all of these fascinating baubles are made of? If the answer is yes, you've come to the right place. Jesse James Beads is all about finding the right balance of beads and components to give you a knock out set of items ready to be strung, wire wrapped, stitched or dangled. All of our Bead Mixes are made in limited edition quantities - once it's gone it's gone - and, each mix you see at JesseJamesBeads.com is available exclusively online. These puppies are not sold in stores. So, are you ready to learn more about your favorite new bead company? Alright!
Cage Beads
Our custom cage beads have become a fast favorite. These geometric baubles can be strung straight through or dangled like a charm. They are made of lead-free, nickel-free and cadmium-free metal, with a free floating crystal rivoli housed inside. Cage beads come in several sizes and metal colors, and now come in varying crystal colors as well. 
Boho Beads
Jesse James "Boho" Beads give many blends their signature JJB look. Many of these beads are custom created by the Designers at JJB and sold exclusively in Jesse James Beads mixes. Boho beads are made of clay decorated with rhinestones and metal embellishments. Each bead is made by hand and varies slightly from the next. Truly a unique element!
Artisan Beads
One of our custom lines of Boho Beads, these clay beads are rolled in a variety of crushed material (crushed shell, caviar seed beads, glitter flecks and more), then capped with ornate bead caps. Each bead varies just a little, these hand made baubles truly are a thing of beauty.
A very cool element to JJB mixes. These decorative components feature at least two connection rings, perfect for creating earrings, bracelets and unique necklace elements.
Tassels Baby Yeah
Who doesn't love a tassel? Leather tassels, cotton tassels, silk tassels - you can't go wrong! You are likely to find a tassel or two in your next JJB mix. Because we love them so much. And, because we love you
Custom METAL
(cue the heavy metal jams) WE LOVE METALLLLLL! Really though, we do. Jesse James Beads has the most excellent sources for custom metal pieces. Most all metal you find in our mixes has been custom made or custom color-plated for JJB mixes alone. All metal is always lead-free, nickel-free and cadmium free. If you ever need a metal piece in bulk please message us on our Facebook Page - we're happy to help you out!
Enameled Metals
Beautiful glass painted metal beads are absolutely beautiful when you want to add an ethnic look to your jewelry projects. 
Noteworthy Acrylic
The only acrylic you'll find in our online-exclusive mixes is fashion forward, and worth taking note. This bead above is one of our Galaxy acrylics. Faceted about a million times, this sparklicious bit shines bright like a diamond, and has the sugary-sweet look of a gummy from the candy shop. Top off with two bead caps and you have beautiful lightweight style 
Simply charming, dahling oh yes. Lovely little JJB Charms are now popping up in our bead mixes. This charm is exceptionally special - it has floating blue crystals caged within a filigree heart! Is this bead mix great? Ah yeah! Teal Me About It 
You're So Glassy
Last but not least our beautiful faceted glass. Glass beads add a touch of class to jewelry projects, a filler bead but so much more than that. Look for faceted rondelles, matte glass, top-drilled, baguette shaped, teardrops and so much more in your favorite Jesse James Bead Mixes
We love beads, bead mixes and beaders! Be sure to leave us a comment below and let us know how we're doing. Love the mix shown in this blog? Then check it out online! Teal Me About It Bead Mix - only 20 units available.
Thanks for tuning in! From all of us here at Jesse James, we love ya
All Heart,
Sarah James & The Team at JesseJamesBeads.com

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