Tucson! The Bead Show Party is HERE

We're backkkkk.....! That's right, the Jesse James gang is back with more bead show fun. Tucson is my favorite place to be at this time of year. The sparkle is flowing and the creative energy is high. This is our fifth pilgrimage to the Tucson bead show extravaganza, and so far it is off to an incredible start Rainbow Beads - Bead Maker Heaven from Jesse James Beads This is Sarah James from JesseJamesBeads.com and I'm checking in after our first day of selling at the Tucson bead show event. We set up our show on Saturday, and Sunday was our first day working the beads This year's setup was a special one, we literally played the weather. Due to last week's snowy beast of the Northeast, one of the our two pallets did not make it to us in time for setup. New strands, our display grids and a plethora of new single beads missing. Oh. My God. Well I am a believer that the real adventure begins only when the plan starts to unravel, and Saturday around sunset we realized that an unplanned adventure was about to begin Setup day we put the booth together as tactfully as we could with the materials we had. And you know what guys? It turned out amazing. We put the attention on the 10+ new product lines releasing at this show, and the crowd responded in the best of ways.  Here's a peak at some of the new goodness that is gracing the JJB booth (and soon to be on the Jesse James Beads online shop, holler!) Graphic Decoupage Beads - Wooden Beads New to the Jesse James Beads line Just above are the beautiful new graphic decoupage beads that are making their JJB debut at this year's Tucson bead show. Such a cool line of wooden beads. Neo-classical women, dogs dressing up as playing cards, and cats giving the stink eye. Love it Buddha loves to bead - Geometric beads for jewelry making - unique booth setup display idea from Jesse James Beads "Do what makes you happy, Be with Those who make you smile" - Words of the wise from our peaceful Buddha meditating aloft a pillow of Space Geo Cage beads. These little geometric babies were a massive hit! And their Cage Crystal brethren stunned the masses as well. This array of products was set right in front of our checkout, which was a great place to spark conversation about these new sparklers. Looking for craft show booth display ideas? This is a fantastic one - layered trays allow customers to search and explore, lights shining down pick up the beads glitzy sparkle, and Buddha centered upon it all provides a whimsical pop of fun TierraCast button clasps in gold and silver metal now available at Jesse James Beads Keep it claspy, Tucson Bead Show. And that's exactly our intention with this intricately detailed button clasps from our friends at TierraCast. Buttons are great as clasps for leather and macrame work. These are affordable, beautiful, and American made! Get ready beady internet world, these beauties will be live on JesseJamesBeads.com in two weeks. Graphic Glass Cabachons from Jesse James Beads - Psychedelic Patterns, Art Nouveau, Mandala and More For our last peep of new goodies, we give you the spanking new Graphic Cabachons. Glass covered gems of inspiration and fervor! Art nouveau, psychedelic patterns, floral print, mandalas and more. These cabs come in three different sizes and two shapes. Perfect for seed bead stitching or embedding into a setting to wear as a pendant *** In Tucson this week? Come visit us! We are in the ballroom of the To Bead True Blue bead show at the Double Tree Reid Park. Otherwise stay tuned for special deals that will be offered this week! Do you use Periscope.tv? Sign up and join us! We will be doing live broadcasts from the booth at the end of this week, and a live giveaway next Monday Happy day to you! Sarah James www.jessejamesbeads.com

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