Soft Flex Hacks: 5 Projects Featuring Soft Flex Wire

This brightly colored wire is a must-have for all beaders. Soft Flex wire is a fun and flexible wire able to withstand exposure to salt and fresh water. Check out some of our favorite projects using this versatile wire:

See how the bright tanzanite colored wire accents the bright teal and pinks of this choker. This flexible wire makes it possible to shape into beautiful accents for any piece. Create your own choker here.

A simple and quick way of adding a bit of wire-wrapped aesthetic is to create simple shapes with Soft Flex. See the earring tutorial here to learn how to make simple shapes with Soft Flex wire.

Soft Flex Wire comes in a variety of colors to add a pop to any design. See how to create these earrings with a pop of blue here

An oldie but a goodie, this simple tutorial will show you how to create a necklace with a well placed loop to accent the individual components.

Create contrasting colors with this tutorial. Learn the simple trick to created hoops as seen above with a mix of beads.  


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