“No Technique” Earring Technique Tutorial

Pick your favorite Jesse James Beads holiday item and get beading! Highly customizable and lightning fast to make, these fabulous earrings feature a couple of sparkling charms and festive beads!


What You'll Need:

Christmas Bead Mix

Earring Wire

24 Gage Wire

Baby, It's Cold Outside Design Elements Bead Mix

Baby, it's bad out there! Get caught up in a storm of rhinestone snowflake charms, tiny caged crystals, blue bohos, and faceted crystals in a blizzard of different colors and shapes!


Gunmetal Earring Wire

Lead-free, nickel-free, cadmium-free and 100% safe for sensitive skin. This pack of earring wires is perfect for adding a simple finish to any earring project. 


Artistic Wire In Stainless Steel 24 G

This 24 gauge wire is easy to bend and sturdy enough to hold it's shape.


As simple as that! Thank you for joining us and learning about Nealay's simple "No Technique" Earring technique.
Happy Beading!
All Heart,
Your Friends at Jesse James Beads



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