Jingle Bead Lovemail

Enjoy the holiday season with a buddy. Jesse James Beads is hosting a special holiday Lovemail to help spread holiday cheer for all to hear. What is Lovemail? Lovemail is a special pen-pal program started by Jesse James Beads in quarenteen to help our makers connect to one another. It's a much loved tradition here at JJB! Here's how Lovemail works:

1. Sign up using the form below to participate. Deadline to sign up is November 12th.

2. We will send out Lovemail Assignments on November 14th. Say hi to your new buddy.

3. Create a piece of jewelry for your buddy as part of the exchange. Ship your Lovemail by December 14th to ensure Christmas delivery.

4. Receive your Lovemail from your buddy, you know have a reminder of your new friendship.

Fun for new members of the JJB Community and veteran members alike. If you're new to making or just prefer a one-on-one interaction with like-minded creators, this is the experience for you! 

Check out our Lovemail group on Facebook to see previous exchanges and get to know some of our beloved community.

Nervous? Here are some Ice Breakers to help you connect with your buddy:

1. What's your favorite Jewelry Making Technique?

2. What colors or types of beads do you like to work with?

3. Favorite part about Jewelry Making?

4. How long have they been making?

5. What holiday do they celebrate? What's their favorite holiday tradition?

6. Favorite Holiday recipe?

7. Favorite Holiday movie?

8. Favorite Winter snack or beverage?

9. Do they have a favorite ugly holiday sweater or jewelry piece?

10. Favorite Winter Activity (building snowmen, snowball fights, staying inside with hot cocoa, etc.)

Sign up for Lovemail:


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