How-To Step By Step: Beaded Cord Bangle

New to working with Fiber Cord? This quick and easy tutorial will show you step by step how to create a beautiful bangle with just a few tools and beads. 


1. Fiber Cord

2. A bead mix of your choice (we recommend our Design Elements or Mini Mixes)

3. Glue of any kind

4. Thread

5. Scissors

6. Wire Cutter (Optional)

7. Needle

8. Buttons (Optional)

For this tutorial we are using supplies found in our Nightmare Before Christmas themed Magical Mystery Bead Box


Step 1: Measure your wrist. The bangle should fit your wrist and still be able to be slid on and off. Cut extra cord.

Step 3: After cutting your fiber cord, add a few stitches to the end, sew with the seam of the fiber cord so the cord will not unwind on you.

Step 4: Sew the two ends together. Secure with a drop of any glue.

Step 5: Cut off button end and sew on to cover seam 

Step 8: Start threading your beads. After threading 2-3 beads on the thread, sew back through the first bead.

Step 10: Continue adding beads around bangle

Your bangle is complete!

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All Heart,

Your Friends at Jesse James Beads


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