How-To Video: Arctic Stone Earrings

Be a stone-cold fox in these earrings! JJB Designer Nealay Patel uses adhesive and bead caps to create a dimensional effect on top of stone pendants. Swap out the tassels for crystals as an easy customization. Watch Nealay unbox some cool stitched cord straight from JJB, then learn how to make your own earrings!

What You'll Need

Jewelry Made with Wire & Fiber By Nealay Patel (Highly Recommend!)

E-6000 Adhesive Glue

Xuron 691 Double Flush Cutter

Bail Making Pliers

Xuron 494 Four In One Crimping Pliers

Milky Jasper Tortoise Stone Charm (X2)

Tiny Tassels

Bead caps

Ear Wires

Milky Jasper Tortoise Stone Charm

This textured stormy grey and blue Jasper charm pairs perfectly with our Norse Goddess beads. This charm features a turtle-shell like texture in dark grey stone with teal accents.

Xuron 494 Four In One Crimping Pliers

These bead crimping pliers can precisely crimp & fold 1mm, 2mm, and 3mm crimp tubes and includes a chain nose plier for handling delicate beads. This tool is a favorite of jewelry designer Nealay Patel


How did you make the Arctic Stone Earrings yours? Show us your look on Instagram, Facebook, and our inbox. Stay tuned for more quick tutorials from Nealay Patel and JJB!


All Heart, 

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