How-To: Silky Metal Tassels

Our March Sunshine themed box included a beading kit with everything you need to create a beautiful pair of Silky Metal Tassels! Here we're going to show you step-by-step how to create your own tassel earrings:

First we're going to get all our materials together. If you are a Magical Mystery Bead Box Subscriber, then your March box already has all the materials (minus the tools) to create these tassels. To make this project we are using the What's This Tassel Earring Kit, Beadalon ear wires, Xuron Tweezer nose pliers, Xuron Micro Cutters, and a Beadalon small bail making pliers.

Inside of our "They There, Sunshine" kit is a set of headpins, assorted bead caps, and three different colors of Silky Chain. This chain is a thin metal chain that gives that tassel an almost thread-like appearance with the added texture and metallic finish of metal.

What we're going to do first is cut our Silky Chain. If you are making earrings, Cut the chain in half so you have equal portions of chain for each earring. Set this aside for now.

Cut your Silky Chain into the length you want your earrings to be. Here we are going to cut our chain into thirds for each earring. 

Once you have your chain cut to the length you want, you're ready to start threading the tassels onto the headpins. See the rapid tutorial below for the technique on how to thread and finish the earrings:

Thanks for beading along with us! Share your design on FacebookInstagram, and in our inbox. Keep your eyes peeled for more tutorials from JJB. 

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