Get Inspired! Fresh Ideas Using SilverSilk Chain

SilverSilk chain and components are now available at the Jesse James Beads Shop! Create shimmering designs with the beautiful pearlesque chain or capture chained paired with beautiful brass finishings in non-tarnish colors. Here are just a few things you can do with this versatile chain:

Boho Earrings made with SilverSilk

Create your own tassel earring with boho bead focal points accented with metal finishings and pieces of SilverSilk chain modeled into a tassel with some Dark Rhodium Brass Terminator End Caps.

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Layered Necklace made with SilverSilk

Creating layered necklaces is easier then ever with SilverSilk's brass double and triple end caps. Let this shimmering chain speak for itself or pair with some beautiful charms and beads.

Make color pop with subtle accents of this sparkling chain. This butterfly necklace features Silver Style Capture Chain paired with a bright red butterfly cabochon and small seed beads.

SilverSilk chain provides flexibility, giving you the power to create stunning focal pieces like the box in the cuff above. The lightweight ribbon texture allows the designer to create different forms and designs.

SilverSilk wire is also great for threading! The unique woven design allows beaders to thread wire through SilverSilk to create unique layered looks.

bracelet created with SilverSilk

Looking to add a dash of color to your next project? SilverSilk chain comes in a playful variety of colors to suite any project.

Teal necklace made with SilverSilk

SilverSilk chain is created by layering knitted wire mesh and ball chain. Our Pearlesque chain has an added aurora borealis metallic threads to add another layer of sparkle.

Earrings made with SilverSilk

Combine SilverSilk with Soft Flex wire to create beautiful duo-toned color designs.

Necklace made with SilverSilk


What will you create? Share your design on FacebookInstagram, and in our inbox. Keep your eyes peeled for more tutorials from Nealay Patel & JJB.

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