E'rybody Must Get Stoned! Stone Jewelry Ideas

Ideas for making jewelry with stone beads When it's time to think of stone jewelry ideas, my mind always for a moment goes to good ol' Bob Dylan. "Well I would not be so all alone, e'rybody must get....! I think you know the rest (wink!) Today I whipped up this pretty little necklace in literally 5 minutes flat. If you love working with natural materials, look no further for some effortless stone jewelry ideas. To create this piece, you will need one of our new Stone Pendant Sets (they are incredible - do yourself a favor and check out the new pendant collection), and a piece of our custom beaded chain (psst - it's 20% off for the weekend of April 1-3!) Stone jewelry ideas with fringe pendants and beaded chain from Jesse James Beads Aren't these pendants divine? And the beaded chain compliments so well. Someone pinch me, I'm dreaming in stone jewelry heaven. And what's more, the stone jewelry ideas with these pieces are endless - Use all the fringe for a necklace, or save some for a necklace. The choice is yours Sarah James of Jesse James Beads with a few fabulous Stone Jewelry Ideas Ah this piece wears so lovely! I want to make one in every color. The best part about it is there are only three steps to creating this stone jewelry masterpiece. Easy as sugar pie
  1. String stone pendant set onto 20g hard wire
  2. Create loops on each end of the hard wire, leave a long enough tail to wrap around the loop
  3. Slide chain onto each side and finish by wire-wrapping the loops for a secure necklace piece
We sell the chain in 18" lengths, so if you are satisfied with this length there is no need for a clasp. This is a great project for makers that resell because it whips up quickly and product costs are very low. Like I mentioned above the chain is 20% off!   Like this 5-minute project? Let us know in the comments below! Cheers to a fantastic weekend full of smiles and bliss XO Sarah James www.jessejamesbeads.com Looking for stone jewelry ideas? Fresh fringe pendants and necklace ideas from Jesse James Beads

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