Easy DIY Stretch Bracelets & Earrings with Wendy Whitman

Today we're going to be making an easy DIY set of jewelry featuring Beadalon Stretch Cord. This beginner-friendly tutorial shows you how you can make multiple pieces of jewelry with a single bead mix. Wendy is walking us through how to create two different stretch bracelets and a matching set of earrings. Reminder when working with stretch cord to pre-stretch your code before adding beads as to help prevent snapping. 

What You'll Need:

Beads  Findings Tools
Mega Bead Mix in Dogwood Blooms Beadalon Stretch Cord in 1mm Cutting Tool
#3 Crimp Beads Crimping Tool
Hanger Bails Bent Nose Pliers
Eye Pins Chain Nose Pliers
Earring Wires
Jump Rings

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Thank you so much for joining us for another fabulous jewelry-making video tutorial. Stay tuned for more beading education. We release new tutorials every week!

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