DIY Style - How to a Make a Multi Layered Necklace

How to make a layering necklace using beaded chain from Jesse James Beads The multi layered necklace is so hot right now. Chains in multiple tiers resting so perfectly against fabric is such a timeless yet trendy look. This season multiple layered necklaces are so in. Stack it up baby! When it comes to this season's jewelry trends, more is more. And hallelujah for that! Gypsy style has always been a personal fav of my own. Here's a peek at the first post in our multi-blog series of DIY Style for 2016 Jewelry Fashion [caption id="attachment_1563" align="aligncenter" width="600"]Image sourced from Golden Age Beads Image sourced from Golden Age Beads[/caption] Long and layered chain body armor is IN for 2016. I am loving the look of multiple layers of sparkle and shine. If you're going to rock it, it might as well be bold. Style DIY - Stylized Layering Necklace with brocade shawl - How to Make Fashion Jewelry from Jesse James Beads Our dear friend Candie Cooper originated this styling multi layer necklace at our booth at the Tucson Gem Show. This piece is made from Jesse James Beads beaded chain; beautiful wire-wrapped faceted glass beads sprinkled in between silver-color diamond shaped chain. This chain was custom designed by our co-owner, Karen James, and is available online in 18" pieces, or these necklace components can be purchased together for as discount as a kit (Liquid Silver Layering Necklace Kit) Style DIY - Layering Necklace - Create current fashion looks with chain for jewelry making from Jesse James Beads To create this multi layered necklace look you will connect each piece of chain together via jump rings. We like the 18 gauge twisty wire jump rings, the twisted wire gives a very pretty look intermittently placed throughout the layered necklace. Style DIY - Beaded Chain for Jewelry Making from Jesse James Beads - Magnetic Clasp Idea Finishing the layering necklace is a breeze - connect all pieces of chain to a jump ring and attach the jump ring to a 20mm magnetic ball clasp. Style DIY - Layering Necklaces - Jesse James Beads This layered look is on trend for 2016 fashion. Make it yourself and wear it with passion. This Silver Multi Layered Necklace Kit is available at the online shop. Prefer gold tones? Then the Gold Coast Multi Layered Necklace is for you Layering Necklace Kit for Fashion Jewelry Making - Spring 2016 Fashion - Liquid Silver Beaded Chain Kit from Jesse James Beads   The fashion jewelry we are seeing in 2016 is absolutely incredible. Good bye minimalistic pieces, hellooooo jewelry made for the bold and the beautiful. Get ready for more fun and fabulous DIY Style to come in the next few weeks. Create a few on trend pieces to resell, or wear all on your own. Yours in Style, Sarah James

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