DIY Strawberry Beaded Necklace with Deb Floros

For this project, Deb Floros will be showing us how to create our own wire-wrapped pendant using one of the large focal beads from the Strawberry Field's Magical Mystery Bead Box. We will. be using the large faceted heart bead from the Sweet Hearts bead strand combined with one of our AB crystal pendants. We will be using 18 gauge round wire to wrap together our components for our pendant and then stringing some of our favorite beads from this box using stringing wire to create the body of our necklace.

This project is great for beginners and uses various basic wire-wrapping techniques to help create your own pendants. Follow along with Deb to learn how to create your own version of this beautiful necklace.

What You'll Need:

Beads Components  Tools
Sweet Hearts Bead Strand from the Strawberry Fields MMBB Rose Gold Findings (Included in Strawberry Fields MMBB) Nylon Jaw Pliers
AB Pendants from the Strawberry Fields Magical Mystery Bead Box 18 Gauge Rose Gold Wire Round Nose Pliers
S tringing Wire (19-Strand or 7-Strand) Bent Nose Pliers
Bead Stoppers Cutting Tool
Chain (Options included in the Strawberry Fields MMBB)

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