Creating a Collection: Pantone Spring 2019

Every year the team here at JJB looks forward to creating the Pantone collection. Pantone gathers and refines the latest upcoming color trends twice every year. It allows us to connect the creators using JJB beads to the hottest world wide fashion industry color trends.


As an artist I have always been aware of the power of color. It can communicate or evoke emotions, change a good design into an amazing one & tell a story without saying a word. Color can do all these things and more. It is one of the most powerful tools any artist can work with.


Creating the JJB Pantone collection requires our team to source beads from places around the world months in advance. We also hand-dye our exclusive JJB beads to match in house. All of the artisans involved in the Pantone creation process study how each color is used and looks in fashion and home decor. We curate each color collection to match not only a color swatch, but the mood and story behind each individual color.

We are so excited to launch this years spring and summer collection, and can’t wait to share it with you!

All Heart,

Stacey & The JJB Design Team

(Photos from Holly & The Dye Department)


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