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"Hello" to my Graciously, Gifted Designers. I'm Lynda Saho aka "fancy pants" which is a story I'll share later that will explain the name of my Shop.

I am a nurse, nursing is not a job but rather a lifestyle. Working part-time so I could raise my daughter Raquel, so bright and is a gifted chef, and my son an Engineer who has been growing in the same company he started with in high school, expanding their product line tenfold. 

I spent my lunchtime, breaks, and days off helping patients create, design projects in their areas of interest. All the endorphins released during the creative process have proven healing capabilities.  It's amazing how accomplishing a treasured piece of art can prompt the body progresses onto recovery.

When my husband Frank retired I joined him. He started a home business in his new workshop. He presently builds windows grids, and furniture selling all across America and Canada. A perfectionist, he wants no employees so he is a busy man.

I was his secretary and one day shopping I came across the bead section in a large craft store. Going down the jewelry aisle I found the section of Jesse James Beads and Findings.  My eyes landed on what would be my renewed love for designing and creating beauty to bring joy not only for myself but for others to find their niche in this valuable area of using their skills for joy and healing. 
So I say with the blood coursing through my veins this product is what I will give my full attention to.  It is a treasured gift to inspire others, to teach others to find new ways to use these fabulously unique beads plus so much more!

Thank you. I'm excited to be one of this great team of working with the JJB Company and making their products & their many uses while knowing that the wildfire of fun is about to start.

God Bless 


Fancy Pants Beaded Jewelry:

Instagram: fancy.pants.jewelry4u




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