Wire-Wrapping Class: Tensha Bead Pendant with Jem Hawkes

Today we're working with beautiful TENSHA beads and wire to create a lovely stylized Fan Drop Tensha Pendant. Jem will be using 18 and 26 gauge wires (her personal favorite for wire-wrapping projects) to create this beautiful pendant. Check out the video below to learn how to create this pendant step by step using only a few supplies:

What You'll Need:

Japanese Tensha Bead Strand
18 Gauge Round Wire German Style
26 Gauge Round Wire German Style
Round Nose Pliers
Bent Nose Pliers
Wire Cutters

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Thank you so much for joining us for another fabulous jewelry making video tutorial. Stay tuned for more beading education. We release new tutorials every week! 

All Heart, 
Your Friends at Jesse James Beads

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