Sunrise to Sunset Necklace By Nealay Patel

This design uses beads from the Serengeti Sunrise Inspirations Bead Mix and Strand 2


I love how casual and textural this necklace is! The beads match the cord so perfectly and makes for a great fall design!


Step 1

Cut a 10-in. length of 20-gauge wire and string your favorite Jesse James beads onto the wire. Make a simple loop to each end of the wire, close to the last bead.


Step 2

Cut two 10-in. lengths of 6.5mm round fiber cord and attach an end cap to each end. Attach the simple loops of the beaded strand to one end cap of each strand.


Step 3 

Cut two 2-in lengths of 20-gauge wire and select a set of decorative beads. Make a simple loop on both sides of each decorative bead and attach them to the end caps and clasp to finish the design. Attach a tassel to complete the necklace!

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