Purple Beads to Celebrate Prince

Purple Rain - Beads to Honor a Musical Legend   This week we invite you to be inspired by our purple beads to celebrate Prince, the pop king that reigned over our sound waves with his iconic lyrics, unique electro beats, avant garde fashion sense, and flair for all things unique. Prince like so many of you loved the color purple. He incorporated this regal hue into his fashion, music, film and home. One of my favorite's is this image of his home and studio, Paisley Park, donned in purple lights. When Paisley Park was lit up in purple, this meant a party or a studio session was in process. What a thrill that must have been to see, or better yet attend. If those walls could talk... fdac3__794516-75235866-3259-11e4-b9e7-d00f86afd90e   5570cc7af29a211f32c09bed336f7715 His home has a Mr. Gatsby sort of feel for me - Everyone is invited to enjoy the lush purple life of the Artist that was Prince. To may homage to the late artist we are offering a special sale on all JJB purple beads to celebrate Prince and his purple rain. Anything purple from the Jesse James Beads shop is now 20% off, and 10% of all orders placed between April 28 and May 6 will be donated to Beads of Courage in honor of Prince and his fearless way of life Purple beads to celebrate Prince - 10% of all purple sales will be donated in Prince's honor to Beads of Courage Charity Prince was very philanthropic, however chose to remain under the radar with his charitable donations. For each sale made between April 28 and May 6 Jesse James Beads will donate 10% to Beads of Courage in Prince's honor.   Purple Beads and Jewelry Projects to Celebrate Prince Create something in honor of this iconic artist. Check out Candie Cooper's latest JJB blog - The Purple Rain Necklace IMG_7159   Or make your own Purple Boho Tassel Necklace with this project and kit Tassel Takeover - How to Make Tassel Jewelry - Boho DIY Tassel Necklace and Kit   Thank you for joining us on this artistic journey. We are so glad you are here

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