Coming Soon: Meet the Goddesses

We are so excited to announce the all-new, limited edition Goddess Collection! This collection represents the innate strength of women and the fire of a brand new year. Click HERE to see the Collection

This new collection celebrates three exotic mythologies and six undeniably powerful goddesses. Meet and be inspired by the fiery figures behind the new Goddess Collection, now available at the JJB online shop!

 Norse Goddesses, or Asynjur, controlled mortal beings, notably the brave Vikings. They lived with the gods in the coveted realm of Asgard on Yggdrasil, the world tree. These north Germanic goddesses are encapsulated in cream, white, and pale blue tones.

 Freya: The Goddess of Love, Beauty, Fertility, and War

This renowned goddess represents strength and beauty of all kinds. Let Freya guide you to fight for your beliefs; live and love passionately; and recognize your unique beauty.

Sigyn: Goddess of Loyalty and Compassion

Discover your soft side with Sigyn. An ideal friend and spouse, she seeks the best in everyone she meets and practices empathy whenever possible.


Egyptian Goddesses were often depicted in animal or animal-human hybrid forms, reflecting their unique powers and personalities. The goddesses revered in specific cities were eventually universalized to create a few meaningful goddesses known throughout Egypt. An air of mystery is harnessed in scarab green, black, gold, and navy blues for these goddesses.

Bastet: Cat Goddess of Home, Fertility and Protector of Women

The original domestic goddess! This feline deity warded off disease and evil spirits in her followers' homes, guarding hardworking mothers and their children. Your home is your heart, and it is in good hands with Bastet.

Isis: Goddess of Motherhood, Healing and Rebirth

Women across ancient Egypt worshipped Isis as the ideal mother. They admired her fertility and maternal nature. Let Isis remind you of your power to bring life into the world, be it physically or metaphorically, and your ability to overcome even the largest obstacles.


Hindu Goddesses are the primary representation of Shakti, the divine feminine power. They are highly influential in the workings of the universe. Expect bright orange and shocking pinks, as bright colors are a defining characteristic in Hindu art and culture.

Lakshmi: Goddess of Wealth and Wellbeing

The creative and feminine deity, Lakshmi represented an abundance of both knowledge and material goods. Live without greed to find fortune, and follow your moral compass to discover great rewards. 

Saraswati: Goddess of Knowledge, Arts, Music, Wisdom and Learning

Creative types worshipped Saraswati, who represented the uninhibited flow of consciousness and creation. May your crafty ventures come naturally and allow you to develop your art and your soul. 



We are so excited for this all new collection representing the innate strength of females worldwide. Thanks for being part of the Jesse James Beads movement! Comment below and let us know what you think!


With Love, Light and a whole lotta' Girl Power,

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