Making a Front Toggle Focal Necklace with Thunderhorse Descendant

Hello Party People! Lets get this party started by beading a front toggle focal necklace! This necklace is pretty easy, quick, and fun! I hope you will give it a try if you have never done a front toggle clasp or if you are just looking for a quick and easy project. I will leave a materials list and time stamps below to help you better navigate the video. Happy beading!!

What You'll Need:

Artistic Wire 22g Gold
Jesse James Beads Strand Feat. Dakota Stones (Margarita is used here)
Japanese Tensha Focal Bead
Piece of My Heart Toggle Clasp (Or any large toggle you enjoy)
Beadalon 19-Strand Wire
chain nose
flat nose
crimp tool
round nose
wire guardians
bead covers
crimp tubes


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Meet JJB Brand Ambassador and Affiliate, Randee Brown

My name is Randee Brown. I am the sole proprietor of Thunderhorse Descendant est. 2018. I am based out of Minneapolis MN where I run my business out of my home with my boyfriend, one very large dog and a new cat. To sum up my beading journey I started beading around the age of six. I focused on beading and jewelry making to help relieve stress from my job as a Licensed Alcohol and Drug Counselor, it took off from there.  I was drawn to JJB because of there unique style, care, and time they took to create mixes and themes that were one of a kind.  I am so excited we will be taking steps together on the next part of my journey.

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Youtube Channel:

Thank you so much for joining us for another fabulous jewelry making video tutorial. Stay tuned for more beading education. We release new tutorials every week!

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