Make a Serenity Flower Necklace

IMG_3576 edit This piece uses beads from one of our new Pantone collections and is centered around the blue Ombre' flower bead.  We love color around here and one of the new colors of the year is Serenity.  It's light and airy, nods to the endless sky, and inspires "calm even in turbulent times."  Check out the Pantone site for more inspiration. IMG_3575 editHere's a fun idea--these rose beads love being embellished with 4mm flat back crystals.  Use Go2Glue by Locktite to adhere them. A few tips on the construction of this necklace so you can make your own! Turn the flower bead into a link by threading 20g. wire through it and making a wrapped loop to both sides. Everything attaches easily to those loops. All the beads were strung and crimped with #2 crimp beads on 19g. nylon coated beading wireIMG_3574 editThe opposite side to the flower uses one end of a toggle clasp for the connection point.  This helped with the drape of the chain and bead strand. IMG_3576 editBecause this is an over-the-head design, use some extra chain at the back to complete the round. Serenity Color of the Year Budget Bead Bundle from Jesse James Beads Materials: Blue Ombre Flower Bead Style #14 Chain with Serenity bead links Rondelle Strand of Beads #04 Petite Strand of Beads #10 Victorian Age Clasp 19 Strand, .018 Beading Wire

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