Magical Mystery Subscription Update!

JJB has updated our subscription service. Previously we've used ReCharge as a system to allow customers to manage their subscriptions, however due to several customer complaints and difficulties we've updated the system away from ReCharge and to a new platform to help make Subscriptions easier, clearer, and more accessible.

What Does This Mean?

Customers can now pay monthly for their subscriptions! No more paying 12 months up front, customers can now pay monthly for their 12 month subscription. This also means that Subscription plans cannot be cancelled mid-way through a plan due to the fact that the discount that you obtain from signing up for more months can only be offered because of the continued plan. However, plans can now be paused if you want to skip a month.

Subscriptions are now integrated into your JJB Account, you will see a tab titled "Subscriptions" at the bottom of your account page. This will pull up all your information without having to access a separate subscription portal.

Your payments for your subscriptions will be processed through Shopify. This offers a more secure more unified payment plan. It also allows for PayPal to be used for subscriptions.

What If I'm Already A Subscriber?


If you are a current Subscriber you may be contact by JJB for information on how to migrate your subscription over. If you have not heard from JJB please send us an email at for your subscription and migration information. A few things to keep in mind:

1. Because the payment style is changing from all in one to monthly, JJB needs confirmation by the customer to set up their renewal.

2. Boxes from previous subscriptions that are paid for will still be credited, renewals will start after all boxes are credited.

3. If you'd like to upgrade your subscription (from 1-month to 3-months for example), please contact JJB and we can help set that up for you.

Will my coupons still work?

Yes! The new platform helps eliminate previous issues with coupon codes not working on qualifying subscription products. This platform also makes it easier for us over at JJB to apply coupon codes if needed.

I have questions! Who do I contact?

You can send an email to Kelly or Danielle at they will be able to help you out! 


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