Krampus Day 2018

Every Christmas story has a villain. The Grinch. Scrooge. Marv & Harry from Home Alone. Krampus is the original Christmas anti hero.

Some call Krampus the Shadow of Saint Nick. His origins date back to ancient times, and his job is to discipline the naughty for Santa.
Krampus is the ancient and spooky version of Elf On a Shelf, with the power to hand out consequences.

Depending on your behavior throughout the year the story says that you will be visited by Saint Nick or Krampus for Christmas. So the question is....... 
Have you been nice?
Or have you been naughty?

The ultra limited-edition Krampus Bundle from Jesse James Beads includes an ornate JJB strand, bead mix full of Czech pressed glass and more, and the 6" long 'Whip It Good' leather tassel. We created this mix with rich wine tones, grey and red. This warm color palette has staying power all season long, and the scintillating Krampus backstory makes a great conversational piece of jewelry


Celebrate your holiday naughty with the very limited Krampus Bead Bundle 


Thank you for stopping by. Wishing you a very nice (and slightly naughty) holiday season. Cheers!

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