Jewelry Making 101 Part 4: Anatomy Of Jump Rings

Part 4/4: We're finishing this set of Jewelry Making 101 videos by bringing it all together. In this video you will learn the proper way to open and close your jump rings and how to use them to create a dangle for your bangle bracelet.

To open you jump ring, always twist the ring open, never pull the pieces apart. Pulling them apart effects the strength of your ring and could mean that your attachments will fall off or the jump ring will break. It all starts with a good strong jump ring!

What You'll Need:

Your Bracelet Blank (From part 1)
Your Knotted Headpin and looped bead (Parts 2-3)
Jump Rings (we use 6 mm here)
Two pairs of chain nose pliers

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Thank you so much for joining us for another fabulous jewelry making video tutorial. Stay tuned for more beading education. We release new tutorials every week!

All Heart,

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