How-To Video: Vintage Garden Necklace

Spring is in bloom, and so are your designs! Stitched leather cord is the perfect base for rosette tassels and JJB custom metals. Learn how to use a beading awl and wire wrapping techniques to keep components threaded through the leather cord (it's easier than you think!).

What You'll Need:

Jewelry Made With Wire & Fiber Book By Nealay Patel (Recommended Read!)

Tassels (Rose Tassels used above)

Custom Metal Beads of Your Choice!

Leather Stitched Cord (Champagne Sparkle Leather Stitched Cord used here)

Soft Flex Wire

Xuron 691 Double Flush Cutter

Beading Awl

Champagne Sparkle Leather Stitched Cord

Featured a shimmering champagne color, this cord is ready to add some serious sparkle to your next design. This printed stitched leather cord combines sparkle and stability all in one. 


Thanks for learning some new tricks with us! How will you use stitched leather cord in your next beading project? Share your results with us on Facebook, Instagram, or in our inbox. We love to hear from you!


All Heart,

Your Friends at Jesse James Beads


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