How-To: Queen Of The Nile Pendant Necklace

Vegas Chain has never looked so good! With a little help from a stunning statement pendant, beads from the Egyptian Goddesses Mini Mix, and some SoftFlex wire, JJB Designer Nealay Patel crafts one heck of a necklace. Watch as he recaps some of his favorite Goddess projects, then learn how to make this Queen of the Nile Necklace your own!


What You'll Need:

Goddess Of The Nile Pendant

Egyptian Goddess Mini Bead Mix

Cobalt Enamel Vegas Chevron Chain

Leathercord (Egyptian Trio Used Here)

SoftFlex Wire 

Xuron 691 Double Flush Cutter

Xuron 494 Four In One Crimping Pliers

Xuron 410 Micro Shear Flush Cutter

Goddess Of The Nile Pendant

The treasures of the Nile are all in this pendant. The top and bottom of the stunning gold setting are accented with blue enamel. The swirling design at the top is studded with clear crystals and is echoed around the red focal stone.

Egyptian Goddess Mini Bead Mix

The Egyptian Beads in this collection were inspired by the lapis blues and the ancient Egyptian Underworld. Let this mix serve as your guardian and inspire you to give birth to a new project.

Cobalt Enamel Vegas Chevron Chain

Beautiful Vegas style chain decorated with dark blue enamel. Each link measures 6.1 mm x 2.1 mm. Chain is sold in one meter increments.

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