Halloween Jewelry Ideas (it’s all about the accessories)

This Halloween, it's all about the accessories. That's why we were so excited to team up with Designer and Author, Sara Oehler, from Soft Flex Wire, to bring you three gorgeous Halloween jewelry ideas. These pieces were created live during a Soft Flex Design Challenge. Check out Sara's video here for the full 1 hour scoop.

This above piece features our scintillating Witch's Brew color palette. The necklace is made using our Witch's Brew Bead Strand 1. These bubbling beads are perfect for creating a mischievous piece to show off your wicked side.

If your feeling a little spooky this Halloween season, this necklace is the look for you. This piece combines our Gothic Twilight Bead Strand 2, Gothic Twilight Bead Strand 1, a pop of color from our Jackie-o-Lantern Design Elements Bead Mix, and a Metallic Black Tassel as the main focal point. 

These chilling earrings are the perfect accessory for a haunting night. Sara Oehler made these earrings with the beautiful skull beads from our Gothic Twilight Bead Strand 1 and various pieces from our Gothic Twilight Design Elements Bead Mix.


Thanks for popping by today! We hope your Halloween is building up to be a frightfully wonderful one. Visit the Halloween Page for more bewitching Halloween finds, and check out Sara Oehler's new book Seed Bead Revolution, now for sale at JesseJamesBeads.com 


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