Colors of the Sahara Bracelet By Nealay Patel

This design uses beads from the Serengeti Sunrise Mini Bead Mix.

These bangles are fun and easy to make! They’re perfect for layering with other bracelets for a great fall look.


Step 1 

Cut a 15-in. length of Soft Flex beading wire in Citrine, Bone and Garnet. To one of the wires, string ten random beads and make about a 4-in. diameter loop.


Tip: Use a bead stopper to hold the wires in place.


Step 2

Make another loop with ten more beads.


Step 3

Braid the remaining wire between each of the loops, placing a bead or two from each of the loops between a braid.


Step 4

Cross the wire in a 2mm crimp and make a crimp. Trim the wires to finish the bracelet.


Repeat the steps above for the other two wires to complete a bracelet set!


You can find more of my designs on or check out my Facebook page @beadsandbubbles for cool jewelry making tutorials with me!


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