Beading on a Budget - Two Projects for the Price of One

This Beading on a Budget project is a two piece bracelet how-to by Designer Sara Ellis, created exclusively for Jesse James Beads! beading on a budget Hi! My name is Sara Ellis. I am a self-proclaimed fashion junkie and when it comes to rocking the newest trends I am always looking for a bargain. I like to practice beading on a budget, so when shopping for beads I am as frugal as possible. I will spend hours looking for the best deals, comparing prices and downloading every coupon I can find. When I am beading on a budget, I am looking for the best way to get the biggest bang out of my buck while still shopping “on point” as far as style. Design Elements bead mixes by Jesse James Beads definitely have more bounce for the ounce! The beads are gorgeous and, depending on your design, you can get several pieces of jewelry from just one package. Not only are the beads drool worthy, but you can even get two completely different looks from one package. There is literally something for everyone in the Design Elements line. One Bead Mix Two Bracelets - How to Bead on a Budget - Jesse James Beads I have created two beautiful but extremely different styles of bracelets using a single package of Design Elements in Sage - The Sage of Wisdom Charm Bracelet (left) and The Beachy Babe Knotted Bracelet (right). If you like them both do pop over to the shop, the beads and tools for these beading on a budget projects are available there   The Sage of Wisdom Charm Bracelet Sage of Wisdom Charm Bracelet Bead Kit from Jesse James Beads I selected the pearls and glass crystals to create this gorgeous bracelet. This is a bracelet that you could easily dress up or dress down, beading on a budget while looking like there's no budget. The pearls give this design a very classic look but the “charm bracelet” portion of this design adds an element of fun. The deep sage colors of this bracelet could easily carry this design from spring all the way through the fall months (get the kit here) How-To Make a Charm Bracelet - The Sage of Wisdom Bracelet
  1. Thread a 12mm pearl bead, a daisy spacer, a 13mm rondelle, a daisy spacer and another 12mm pearl bead onto an eye pin.
  2. Using chain nose pliers, grasp the wire above the last bead and bend the wire 90 degrees.
  3. Trim the wire with the cutter tool, leaving a little over 1/4inch of wire.
  4. Grasp the end of the wire with round nose pliers and roll the wire back towards the beads to create a closed loop.
  5. Repeat Steps 1-4 with the same beads as well as with 2 of the 13mm square beads. Set aside. Photo 6 copy
  6. Thread an 8mm faceted bead onto a ball head pin.
  7. Grasp the wire over the top of the bead with chain nose pliers.
  8. Bend the wire 90 degrees over the top of the pliers.
  9. Replace the chain nose pliers with round nose pliers, holding the wire between the barrels of the pliers.
  10. Push the wire up and over the top barrel of the pliers. Continue guiding the wire around, adjusting your grip as needed on the pliers, to create a loop. Photo 7 copy
  11. Wrap the tail of the wire around the straight portion of wire above the bead three or four times to create a wrapped loop.
  12. Repeat Steps 6-11 to create 18 additional bead dangles. (Photo 8.jpg) Add daisy spacers to the larger rondelles if you choose. Photo 8 copy
  13. Using chain nose pliers, open a 6mm jump ring and thread on 2 of the bead dangles. Close the jump ring.
  14. Using chain nose pliers, open another 6mm jump ring and thread it through the jump ring in the previous step. Before closing the jump ring, add 2 bead dangles.
  15. Repeat Step 14, adding jump rings and beads, until you have created a beaded chain section that is 10 links long. Photo 9 copy
  16. Add a 6mm jump ring to the last link of the beaded chain section. Before closing the jump ring, thread on one of the closed loops of a 13mm square bead. Close the jump ring.
  17. Using chain nose pliers, attach a pearl, rondelle, pearl beaded section (created in Step 1) to the other closed loop on the 13mm square bead. Close the jump ring.
  18. Repeat Steps 16 and 17 to the other side of the bracelet.
  19. Using chain nose pliers, add 6mm jump rings to both ends of the bracelet. Before closing the jump rings, add either section of the toggle clasp. Close the jump rings. Photo 10 copy Love this project? Get the Sage of Wisdom Bead Kit here! The Beachy Babe Knotted Bracelet
Hemp Bracelet Kit for Jewelry Making from Jesse James To create this bracelet, I selected the beads from the Design Elements package that had a very earthy and natural feel to them. The soft sea foam color beads were a wonderful compliment to the darker beads that reminded me a little of dinosaur eggs, fun! Combining these beads with the natural colored hemp created a beautiful “grown up” friendship bracelet that has a very light and airy feel that you could wear all spring and summer. Beading on a budget has never looked so fresh! How-To Make a Knotted Hemp Bracelet - The Beachy Babe Bracelet
  1. Cut your hemp to the desired length, making the strand that you want to create the buckle about 8 inches long. Fold the strands in half and knot the strands together with a lark’s head knot about 1 inch to the left of center, using the 8 inch strand.
  2. Alternate forward and backward half hitch knots, using the 8 inch strand, until you have created a knotted section that is approximately 2 inches long. Add a dab of Hypo Cement to the first and last knot. Allow the glue to dry and then trim the ends. The buckle is complete. Fold the buckle in half and begin your bracelet. How to Make a Macrame Loop with Hemp - Hemp Jewelry from Jesse James Beads
  3. To begin the bracelet, alternate half hitch knots on both sides of the bracelet. Create about 3 to 4 knots (1 half hitch on each side creates 1 full knot) before adding the first bead. photo 3
  4. Slide the first bead up against the last knot that you created.
  5. Alternate half hitch knots twice on either side of the bracelet before adding the next bead. Photo 4-2 copy
  6. Repeat Step 5 until you have added all the beads to the bracelet.
  7. Create 3 or 4 knots after the last bead that you added. photo 5
  8. Add a dab of Hypo Cement to the last knot and allow the glue to dry.
  9. Trim one of the outside strands off of the bracelet.
  10. With the remaining strands, create a simple braid that will thread through the buckle. *Feel free to add an additional bead to the end of the braid by tying an overhand knot on either side of the bead.* Trim the ends and the bracelet is complete.Love this project? Get the Beachy Babe Kit and tools here Beach Babe Knotted Bracelet - How to Make Hemp Jewelry from Jesse James Beads
How to Make a Charm Bracelet with Sage Green Beads from Jesse James Beads

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