Autumn Jewelry Design Ideas

Posted on October 09 2017

Step aside, Pumpkin Spice! Autumn Maple is here and she is ready to party. One of Pantone 2017's top Fall colors, Autumn Maple is a spicy and sultry blend of rich orange and shimmery golden hues. 


Jesse James Beads has teamed up with Author and Designer, Nealay Patel, to create a collection of designs featuring JJB Fall Pantone Beads. Today we feature Nealay's pieces from the Autumn Maple colorway. Scroll below for a charming charm bracelet, complete with tassels, dried flower globes, cage beads and more, plus a pair of fall-inspired earrings created using our brand-new Soft Flex Wire.

This charming fall creation is made using pieces from the Autumn Maple Design Elements Bead Mix and the golden charms from the Autumn Maple Inspirations Bead Mix.

These earrings, aptly titled "Falling Leaves" also use components from the Autumn Maple Design Elements Bead Mix. Nealay created these lovely leaf-shaped earrings with Citrine Softflex Wire and a pair of earring wires finish this piece.


Nealay and Sarah, the replay! Watch our Pantone Design Party, recorded live on Facebook on October 5, 2017

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  • Maureen Norris: October 09, 2017
    Would like the split screen segment if you would lose the reference to advertising at the bottom of the page. Sometimes I have to watch it on my iPhone and it really is distracting especially when you’re trying to show us some of the designs etc. it’s a good idea I hope that you can perfect it a little bit more so that we can see the designs of what you’ve done a little bit better .
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