American Rebels: Support for the Family Separation Crisis

Are You an American Rebel?

From the founding fathers to the people of today, America was created by rebels.

The ones who don't accept the status quo.
The ones who stand up for what's right.
The dreamers and do-ers in all of us.

That's the strength We The People are made of.
Are you an American Rebel too?

Jesse James Beads is joining the mission to support the children and their families separated at our country's southern borders. From now through Monday June 24, 10% of your purchase at will be donated to the American Civil Liberties Union and their fight for our present Family Separation Crisis. Click here for more info on the ACLU and where to donate here. 

No child should have to endure the frightening experience of being separated from their family. Making a stand for a law at the expense of an impressionable child's life is unacceptable. We love our brothers and sisters of all colors, we are one in this human race. We are strong. We are unified. We are American Rebels


Shop limited edition American Rebel Bead Mixes. 10% of your purchases from 6/22-24 will be donated. Thank you for tuning in. Thank you for your support

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