JJB Rewards Program

Get rewarded for being a loyal customer. Each time you shop at JJB you'll earn rewards for every dollar you spend. 

To see your JJB reward points, or to sign up for our reward program, click on the account icon at the top right hand corner of the screen (right next to the search bar) This will take you to your account page where you can see your points.


Earning points is simple, for every dollar you spend you get 1 reward point (i.e. buying a 8.99 bead strand will reward you with 8 reward points). Redeeming points is cent-per-point (i.e. a mix that costs $8.99 can be bought for 899 rewards points). When you're logged into your JJB account, find an item for which you'd like to redeem points. Right above the 'add to cart' button, there will either be an option to redeem rewards points, or the system will tell you how many more rewards points you need in order to earn said item.

If you have enough rewards points, you can click the 'redeem rewards points' option. The site will ask you to confirm your shipping address and place a totally free order for your new item!

On the downside, each item is counted as a separate "order". That being said, you don't pay shipping on it, and if we see more than one order in your name, we'll package them together.

Exclusions include: some specialty and limited-run collections like the Goddess Collection and items from third-party vendors like SoftFlex.


YES! You can now earn a whopping 300 points for every friend you recommend. Simply go to your account page to retrieve your referral code. Share this code and earn points for every person who signs up AND makes a purchase using your link.