Beads & Blooms 2024: Self-Care Spring

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The learning event of the spring season is officially here! 

JJB Beads & Blooms Online Jewelry Making Retreat is coming in April with a focus on creative jewelry making and self-care! This spring we are honoring our passion for jewelry making and the joy we feel from creating by making time for ourselves to learn something new. Breathe fresh energy into your jewelry mats with 8 incredibly unique classes taught by 6 Force of nature instructors all alongside your event host, Sarah James.

Week 1: April 23-25 

Week 2: April 30-May 2 

Online! All classes will be broadcast live to the JJB Beads & Blooms 2024 group. You may watch live or on replay. Video replays will be available for you to rewatch at your convenience

When you enroll in JJB Beads & Blooms 2024 you will receive a full kit of beads, wire, tools and supplies needed to complete all 8 classes. Your supplies will be pre-bagged by class to make your pre-class at-home preparations easy. We ask that you have on hand your basic jewelry tools, head pins, jump rings, and crimps.

We will create 8+ pieces of jewelry. We will have 7 classes hosted in the Beads & Blooms group, and one Make-Along style class held over Zoom. We will also have fun extra speaking panels presented by Sarah James like “Color Theory: How to Match Colors for Dynamic Designs” and “The Creative Art of Slowing Down.”

Self-care is taking care of ourselves and making time to nurture our mind, body, and soul to feel to be well and be our best versions of ourselves.

Self-care can be enjoying a cup of tea, taking rest when needed, doing a hobby you love, walking your dog, having a bubble bath, learning a new jewelry technique, taking time outside, reading a book, making something with your hands, calling a friend, petting your cat, trying something new just to see if you like it

Meet The Designers

Check out who will be teaching at this year's Beads & Blooms Event. Scroll to see the projects being taught at this year's event!

Who's Teaching?

Classes this spring will focus on growth, renewal, trying new things, taking time for ourselves, feeling free, flowers, spring, and life. Your instructors for JJB Beads & Blooms for 2024 are:

Jem Hawkes x 3 - wire forming & channel setting, wire wrapping, and The Wire Wonder Woman Master Class

Melissa Shippee - Bead Embroidery

Brittany Chavers - Bead Stringing & Wire-Wrapping

Deb Floros - Bead Stringing + Bonus Jewelry Photography Workshop

Jenifer Miller - Bead Stringing & Leather 

Meredith Roddy - Beaded French Flowers, Seed Beads

Sarah James - Color Theory Bonus Workshop

Schedule of Events

Join us for Seven Class, Two Bonus Workshops, and a Zoom Party! We've got two weeks of fun classes and learning oppertunities for you to enjoy:

Week One (April 22 - April 26)

April 23:

1pm EST Wire-Wrapping Master Class with Jem Hawkes

April 24:

1pm EST Positive Energy Gemstone Bracelet with Jem Hawkes
2pm EST Photography Workshop with Deb Floros
7pm EST Light As A Feather Necklace with Brittany Chavers

April 25

7pm EST Spa Day Statement Necklace with Deb Floros

Week 2 (April 29 - May 3rd)

April 30:

1pm EST: Seedling Earrings with Jem Hawkes

May 1:

1pm EST Seed Bead class with Meredith Roddy
7pm EST Always In Bloom Class with Melissa Shippee

May 2:

2pm EST Color Theory Bonus Learning with Sarah James
7pm EST Zoom Party! Cleansing Rain Necklace with Jenifer Miller

What's Inside The Kit?

Goodness from Jesse James Beads, Beadalon, and more.

What's Inside The Kit?

Almost everything you need to follow along with our classes and Zoom Party! Just add Basic Beading Tools (wire cutters, round nose pliers, chain nose pliers), Jump Rings (4mm, 6mm, and 8mm sizes in gold and silver), and a few extra headpins (recommended)

Each kit includes bead mixes and strands provided by Jesse James Beads as well as chain, pendants, clasp assortment, leather, findings and more.

Every Kit includes a Spin-n-Bead Jr from Beadalon! As well as full spools and pre-cut wire for wire-wrapping projects. You will also receive a spool of Stringing Wire, Conditioned Thread, and a set of Headpins!

Tackle our Seed Bead Projects with Seed Beads from TOHO, FGB, and a special assortment from Jesse James Beads.

See The Full Kit List Here


Everything you need to know about Beads & Blooms 2024

Q: Where Do I Access My Classes?

A: All classes are held on the JJB Beads & Blooms 2024 Facebook Group. You will need to provide your order # or email associated with your order to get access to this group.

Q: Do I Need to Bring Anything to Class?

A: We advise makers to have on hand: 4mm, 6mm, and 8mm jump rings, head pins, eye pins, and basic jewelry-making tools: Round nose pliers, flat nose pliers, and cutting tool)

Q: What Happens If I Miss a Class?

A: No worries, all classes will be available to rewatch in the Facebook Group. All videos will be pinned to the "Featured" tab, they will also be available in the"Media" tab under "Videos"

Q: When Will My Kit Ship?

A: Kits typically ship 2 weeks before classes, stay tuned as we keep you updated via the Facebook Group for Beads & Blooms 2024.