Gifting from the Heart


Hi Friends,

Sarah James here <3 I want to talk about the power of gift giving. The act of finding something - or creating something - with another person in mind. That is an incredible force. It is the sharing of energy, a totem for love. 

We believe that giving a loving gift needn't cost a lot of money, nor take hours of time. Here are a few quick and easy ideas from us, your loving friends at

We asked you on our Facebook Page what handmade gifting (or receiving!) means to you. Here's what you said:

"It's so appreciated to receive one as it shows the person who gave it loves enough to take the time and make the effort. On the giving side it just gives me such a kick to see reactions & such" --Monette P.

"I love making things for people to show my feelings for them. I love handmade things for me because it is a labor of love, an investment of time and talent" --Jere H. M.

"It means I can create something special, that speaks to their heart! And 9 times out of 10... it'll be one of a kind!! Not a 'one size fits ALL' gift!" --Patrice J.


Giving something made by hand is so significant because while you are making, you are thinking of the person that the gift is for and this is the energy transfers directly into that item.

Thank you for including Jesse James Beads in your gift giving this season. And now, a gift for you. Please enjoy 10% off your $39 order with the code GIFTLOVE10. Thank you for reading our posts. We appreciate you very much

All Heart,

Sarah James



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