Make a Beginner Friendly Memory Wire Bracelet with Jem Hawkes

Let's Talk Memory Wire! Jem Hawkes is here to teach us how to use Memory wire to create beautiful jewelry. Memory wire is a hardened wire that's perfect for creating jewelry with a fixed shape. We'll be focusing today on bracelet-sized memory wire to create a beautiful and beginner-friendly bracelet perfect for new memory wire designers and seasoned wire wrappers alike.

What to use on a memory wire bracelet? We recommend choosing beads that are able to handle the natural curve of the memory wire. Mini mixes are a great choice for beginner wrappers as the sizes are small enough to comfortably handing the stiff curves of the wire. You can test your favorite beads before using them by threading them through the memory wire and checking that they can easily come on and off the wire without getting scratched or stressed by the wire. Large-hole beads are also a great choice for avoiding stress on the beads.

We also highly recommend using Memory wire-specific tools as the wire is sturdier than German or Artistic wire. Regular wire-cutting tools or pliers can be worn or broken when using Memory wire. Only ever cut memory wire with specific memory wire cutters to avoid chipping and breaking your regular cutting tool.

What You'll Need:

Beads  Components Tools
Mini Bead Mixes Memory Wire (Bracelet Size)

Memory Wire Cutters

Bead Strands Headpins (optional) Memory Wire Finishing Pliers
18 Gauge Wire (optional) Bent nose Pliers

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Thank you so much for joining us for another fabulous jewelry-making video tutorial. Stay tuned for more beading education. We release new tutorials every week!

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