Create A Wire-Wrapped Holly Bar Necklace with Jem Hawkes

Ready to create some holiday wishes? Jem Hawkes shows us how to create a beautiful wire-wrapped necklace featuring the JJB Holiday Boutique Bead Mix in Holiday Wishes. This classic Christmas Red and Green blend is perfect for creating holiday-inspired jewelry. For this project, Jem will be showing us how to wire-wrap our own holly leaves to act as the focal for a bar necklace.

We will be working with an 18 gauge round wire, for the tutorial, we will be using copper, you can use whatever color wire you like. Remember to warm your wire before working with it to create the intricate details of our holly leaf. For tools, we recommend having bent or round nose pliers on hand as well as bail-making pliers and your wire-cutting tool.

We will be creating wire-wrapped loops at the end of our bars to attach our bar focal piece to our chain reaction. You can use any chain you like, Chain Reaction by Jesse James Beads is a great beginner option, you can also use other metal or enamel chains. Jump rings may be required to attach your focal to your chosen chain.

What You'll Need:

Beads Components  Tools
Mega Bead Mix in Holiday Wishes 18 Gauge Round Wire Cutting Tool
Chain Reaction Bent Nose Pliers
Jump Rings (Optional) Round Nose Pliers

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Thank you so much for joining us for another fabulous jewelry-making video tutorial. Stay tuned for more beading education. We release new tutorials every week!

All Heart,

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